The Nutrite Experts Network®

A leader in the care of green spaces and lawn fertilization

The Nutrite Experts Network® is a leader in Quebec in the maintenance of green spaces and lawn fertilization. Having more than 20 years of experience, the network today counts 18 franchisees located in the four corners of the province and covers much of the Quebec territory.

Since the beginning, the Nutrite Experts Network® holds the planet’s health at heart and distinguishes itself by its environmental approach and its phosphorus-free organic or synthetic products, which can be 100% natural. Quebec-made, Nutrite fertilizers are golf quality and contain coatings that allow to control the spread of active particles in the fertilizer for the utmost respect of the environment.

The Nutrite Experts Network® is also a company that has a carbon-neutral approach geared towards reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and to compensate for those that could not be eliminated. Our mission: to offer you effective maintenance methods that have a positive effect on the environment both for your lawn and a greener and healthier planet.

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It’s now possible to buy your lawn care package and services PLUS from your Nutrite Expert online. Go to our ordering platform and choose the package that suits you best.

We believe in the importance of seeing your lawn to make the right diagnosis and ensure a healthy, long-lasting lawn. Fill in your online order form and your Nutrite Expert will contact you to validate your services as soon as possible.