Become a Quebec yard and lawn care expert

Become a part of a Quebec group of franchisees that has been in existence for more than 35 years.

Being a Nutrite Expert is…

  • Benefiting from one of the best marketing strategies geared towards customer acquisition and loyalty.
  • Gaining access to innovative fertilization programs and superior quality fertilizer available exclusively to Nutrite Experts Network® franchisees.
  • Gaining access to the OGUR computer software to be able to manage all the steps ranging from client acquisition, contract renewals, unique communication tools with the clients such as, text messages, horticultural e-mail alerts and notifications that the service has been rendered to the optimization of routes and the client’s pesticide usage.
  • Annually obtaining a marketing and growth plan. Monthly dashboards to monitor the evolution of client renewal contracts and acquisition of new clients.
  • Having average sales per client among the highest in the industry.
  • Possessing the desire to overcome isolation and meet leaders that have common interests.
  • Gaining access to yearly training both for technicians and office personnel.
  • Having the possibility based on performance to access the “Nutrite Circle of Experts” recognition program.
  • Become outstanding from the customer’s point of view by adopting an eco-responsible approach such as the “Carbon neutral” certification of the Nutrite Experts Network®.

One of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry

Our company has a more than 90% global satisfaction rate.

The most appreciated aspects (90% or higher) are: property respect, employee kindness, environmental respect, professionalism, and employee knowledge. As much as 93% of respondents intend to trust a Nutrite Expert with their lawn care needs and would recommend us to a parent, friend, or acquaintance.

SOURCE : Nutrite Experts Network®’s client satisfaction survey, 2020, L’Observateur

Marketing strategies adapted to demanding customers

  • Client acquisition campaigns in targeted areas at the heart of areas serviced by the franchisees.
  • Client communication strategies after every treatment by targeted messages sent out with the client’s invoice.
  • Publicity campaigns based on Web-based outreach and social media such as Facebook.
  • Constantly evolving, personalized Websites for each franchisee.
  • Referral programs to manage growth
  • Development of sales support material
  • Annual training program.

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