Our accomplishments

The members of the Nutrite Experts Network vow to limit their usage of greenhouse gas emission. Protecting the environment is a priority for our business, that is why we take on many projects to positively contribute to the improvement of the air quality we breathe.

Here are our recent initiatives:

1,300 trees planted in Saint-Paul-d’Abbotsford

1,300 trees were planted on an agricultural space belonging to the municipality of Saint-Paul-d’Abbotsford in order to erect a public woodland and increase the community’s canopy index. This planting project allows Nutrite Abbotsford to offset its CO2 emissions for the year 2021 operations.

142 trees planted and 2,083.53 m2 of riparian zone reforested

In 2021, 142 trees were planted and 2,083.53 m2 of riparian zone reforested in collaboration with the company Arbre-Évolution on behalf of Nutrite Experts. The purpose of this project is to offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the Network’s franchisees.

1,627 trees planted thanks to the Nutrite Experts Network

In 2020, in collaboration with Arbres-Evolution, 1,627 trees were planted to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions usage generated by the Nutrite Experts Network franchises.

More than 1,500 trees planted in Plessisville

As part of the Social Reforestation Program, a total of 1,510 trees were planted by the Arbre-Evolution team in six plots in the territory of the City of Plessisville. The project was made possible thanks to the financial support of four carbon offset partners.

Paspebiac launches a large reforestation project with Arbre-Evolution

Nutrite Gaspesie compensates its carbon 1,364 trees were planted on a large piece of land located between the new sport complex and the Paspebiac High School. Under the supervision of the Arbre-evolution team, the planting was done in two days by 15 municipal employees, volunteers, a group of students from La Source school, and of course Arbre-evolution.