Protection of the planet also goes through YOUR lawn care


Experts throughout the world all come to the same alarming conclusion: If mankind continues to deteriorate the planet, its well-being will be threatened thirty to forty years from now. We must admit the planet environmental assessment isn’t very encouraging. The same experts also agree that human activities are largely responsible for the environmental decline and what we now call global warming.

What to do?
Despite the seriousness of the situation, great specialists studying the case estimate that important political and practices changes could still reverse the tendency. However, our behaviours must change quickly and completely. Faced with these huge environmental problems, some might have the reaction to hide in their backyard and forget the worries of the world. Except that, Your lawn is precisely a place where you can begin an immediate and positive contribution towards the health of the planet. We mostly must stop thinking that the problem is too big for solutions. Our planet’s health is similar to manner lessons given in schools a few years ago: It was good for everybody. This everybody include everyone who gardens. If every one who has a 60 X 100′ lot would make the effort of posing environmental gestures, it would clearly be an improvement.

Many simple gestures
In a general manner, it is proven that plant lovers are more sensitive to the beauties of nature, and therefore open to adopt maintenance habits that will have a positive effect on the environment. For example, owners who know the advantages of organic gardening for the environment will not hesitate to use manual instead of gas tools. Remember that a gas lawnmower produces as much pollution in an hour as a car travelling a distance of 563 kilometres.

On an ecological point of view, reducing Your water consumption in the garden is also very sensitive. According to Environment Canada, there is a 50% increase in our water consumption during the summer season, mainly due to our horticultural activities. However, there are many easy and sensible way of minimizing water supply:

  • Water your lawn early in the morning instead of mid-afternoon when the sun evaporates more water.
  • Less frequent but in depth watering is more effective for the lawn.
  • Yes you can do something natural for YOUR environment

Should you fell like leaving Your lawn and tree care to a real specialist, don’t hesitate to choose Experts Network NUTRITE. With its 3 EARTHPRO programs exceeding the latest environmental standards in Québec, you will rest assured that you have a healthy lawn. The Experts Network NUTRITE is well aware of the importance of taking a healthy and balanced approach to maintaining Your lawn. For him, it’s doing something natural for YOUR environment! Making a gesture on a global scale.

Yes you can do something natural for YOUR environment