Is your lawn ”turning red“? It could be rust


You notice that your lawn is turning orange-brown and that the blades of grass seem to be covered with rust spots like metal. When you go to take a closer look, you notice that your shoes are covered with dirt of the same color… and what about the paws of your dog! Your lawn is most likely affected by a fungal disease: rust.

What is rust?


It is a fungus that causes this disease. Normally, it appears towards the end of the summer, when temperatures are still warm and humidity is present, especially dew. It can also occur with changes in temperature, from hot, dry weather to cool, wet weather. It particularly affects shaded areas where the lawn can remain wet for longer periods of time.

It is the spores that escape from the pustules on the blades of grass that stain clothing and skin. This is how the fungus spreads and it is also what characterizes this disease and makes it easy to identify.

Treatment of rust

As for all fungal diseases of turf, there is no registered treatment product in Quebec. It is therefore necessary to prevent it before it appears. If you have a rust problem, mow often and collect the clippings to prevent the spread of the disease.

Prevention is your best ally!

A good maintenance of your lawn is the best way to avoid rust and other lawn diseases:

  • Fertilize your lawn properly
  • Loosen the soil with aeration
  • Prune trees if possible to give your lawn more sunlight
  • Mow regularly to a height of 3po. If your lawn is affected by a disease, remove the clippings to avoid spreading
  • Avoid leaving your lawn wet for too long, and irrigate early in the morning rather than in the evening

If you have problems with your lawn or if you want to validate your diagnosis, contact your Nutrite Expert who can help you to take care of your lawn.