How to Detect Chinch Bugs and Get Rid of Them

Chinch bugs are insects that feed by sucking the sap from the crown and stems of turf grasses. The adult is black with a white spot on their back between their wing pads and measures about 2 mm long. As for the immature chinch bug (the nymph), it is bright red with distinctive white bands across its back. A severe infestation of these insects can go as far as destroying an entire lawn, so it is important to recognize them.

Chinch Bug and Lawn Damages

Around midsummer, during hot weather, the chinch bugs will start wreaking your lawn. The damage shows up as irregular yellow patches in open, sunny areas. Be vigilant as they can easily be mistaken for drought damages. If rain and watering do not improve the appearance of your lawn and the yellow patches of grass grow larger during the summer, you are probably facing an infestation that could destroy your lawn. For more information and advice on how to detect and control chinch bugs, contact your Nutrite Expert!

Chinch Bug and Lawn Damages

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