Yellow Lawn Patches – Causes and Solutions

Your lawn, which was green, thick, and healthy last year, is now covered with yellow patches. Why, and what can you do about it? There are several potential reasons for this fading. The first thing to do when you notice yellow spots on your lawn is to call your Nutrite Expert to diagnose the problem so that appropriate actions can be taken immediately.

Why is my lawn yellowing in places?

The most common causes leading to grass turf discolouration are disease, pests, environmental conditions, and inadequate lawn care. Although it can be alarming to see your lawn turn yellow, remember that “yellow” does not necessarily mean “dead”—your lawn can be dormant. Dormancy is a protection system that ensures the survival of your lawn when it is under significant stress, such as drought. Therefore, you will be able to save it once you choose the appropriate treatments. Contact a Nutrite Expert. He will help you find the causes of your yellow grass problem and recommend the combination of treatment needed to solve it.

A lawn scattered with yellow grass patches

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