Green tips

Core Aeration basically consists of decompacting the soil. This makes it easier for water, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate the soil and feed the lawn.Top Tips

  • The following signs mean that your lawn needs to be well aerated: rainfall or sprinkler water stays on the surface for a long time, the lawn looks sparse even with all the good care it receives, and there are always weeds despite regular weeding.
  • The plugs of soil removed during the core aeration processs hould be left on the lawn. After a few days, they will disappear completely.
  • Once again, the benefits of core aeration are decompacted soil, deeper roots, soil oxygenation, and improved water infiltration.

Mycorrhizae: another way to ensure proper growth of your plants

Many new and effective products are now available to help gardeners ensure proper growth of their plants and lawns. One such product that yields impressive results is mycorrhizae, which is simply microscopic fungi that are added at the roots of plants.

Studies show that these fungi make it possible for plants to better absorb water and the nutrients present in the ground.

This revolutionary product promotes better rooting, leading to remarkable growth. Because mycorrhizae create stronger roots, your plants and lawn also benefit from improved tolerance to heat.

Mycorrhizae products work in perfect harmony with the environment. Yet another great solution from your Nutrite Experts Network professionals, the lawn care experts. For vigorous plants, there’s nothing better than oxygenated compost tea

Informed gardeners know that compostis a fantastic substance. Now there is something even better: oxygenated compost tea. Experts say this tea is perfect for vigorous and healthy growth. This product completes the role of compost in the fertilization process by distributing soil enhancers containing nutrients that are quickly assimilated by plants.

Oxygenated compost tea is a liquid solution made by steeping high quality compost in water, for surprisingly good results.

Oxygenated compost tea from Experts Network NUTRITE helps eliminate certain leaf diseases and protects against plant parasites.

Oxygenated compost tea–yet another solution from your Experts Network NUTRITE professionals.

About liming

  • Applying lime to your lawn reduces soil acidity and helps restore the soil’s nutrient balance. It’s an easy way to grow a healthier lawn.
  • A pH (acid level of your soil) of 6.5 to 7 is standard for lawns.
  • Never apply lime without a soil analysis. Also, remember that a soil analysis from last year or the year before is of no use.
  • Contrary to popular belief, having moss and/or fungi is not necessarily a sign of acidity.
  • When you correct the pH level of your soil by applying lime, you ensure fertilizers are more readily absorbed and promote the development of beneficial microorganisms that improve the thickness and colour of your lawn.