The Reason Why Fertilizing Your Lawn in the Fall Matters

Many consider fertilizing the lawn a spring task; however, it’s not the only time. Although, summer has come and gone and the lawn is about to go into dormancy, fall fertilizing is just as important, if not more than in the spring. In this article, our Nutrite Experts explain all you need to know about this topic.

Winterize Your Lawn

Fall fertilizing is essential for two main reasons:

  • This is when your lawn builds up its strength to withstand the winter. To achieve this, grass plants need to tap into local resources! In other words, your lawn needs vitamins and nutrients from fertilizers essentially to assist in root development.
  • Fertilizing at this precise time of the year, you help your lawn to easily and quickly spur a vigorous regrowth as spring returns!

In the opposite situation, a lack of nutrients could promote weed growth spreading the following summer and could even compromise how some sod areas survive the winter.

Tend Carefully

Carefully tend to your lawn by following these two rules:

  1. Don’t wait too long. Fall fertilizing should be done between the end of August and the end of September. Before or after this period, nutrient intake is likely to be less significant.
  2. Abide to prescribed ratios. The key to efficiently spreading fertilizer is to provide the right nutrients in the right amount at the right time, making sure conditions are optimal. The fertilizer should be applied uniformly on the whole area. Not sure how much to apply? Our experts can help you to do the math. Get in touch with us!
  3. Go beyond fertilizing. Depending on your lawn’s condition, you may need to consider interventions beyond fertilizing such as decompacting, overseeding, and topdressing, which enhance the benefits gained from fertilizing. Be thorough every step of the way by tending to your lawn as an expert would and making every step worthwhile.

Balanced Fertilizing All Year Long

In a nutshell, the secret to a healthy, durable lawn is to provide the care it needs all year long and committing to this task season after season. Make the most of fall, which is a key season in lawn care and fertilizing.

Be that as it may, if you feel fall maintenance is too much of a hassle, keep in mind our Nutrite Experts are glad to take this task off your hands!

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