How To Care For Your Lawn While On Vacation

It’s vacation time! Whether you’re going away for one week or more, your lawn will definitely not be part of the trip! Since it might miss you during your absence, it is necessary to take some precautions to ensure its well-being during your time away. In this article, we share our best tips for a durable and healthy lawn all summer long!

  • Before leaving

Regardless of the duration of your vacation, we recommend mowing your lawn before your departure. If you’re leaving for a period of two weeks or more, it is important not to try to “compensate” for your absence. In other words, do not mow it too short before you leave because that could make it vulnerable to drought and diseases! We recommend lowering the mower a few notches for the last mowing, without exceeding the threshold of 7cm.

In times of drought and heat, we also recommend deep watering your lawn, preferably the day before or the morning of your departure, keeping in mind the municipal by-laws, if applicable.

  • While you’re away

If your vacation lasts two weeks or less, good news! Your lawn will have no trouble waiting for your return. However, if your trip is longer than two weeks, we recommend getting help from a neighbour or a specialized company to mow your lawn weekly or bimonthly, depending on the weather.

The reason is simple: grass that is too long won’t comprise its health, but a lawn that seems abandoned indicates that you are absent. This becomes an open invitation for potential burglars! Better safe than sorry.

  •  Upon your return

When you return home, we recommend mowing as soon as you arrive. Note that it may be necessary to mow twice, depending on the length of your absence. If your lawn is too long, cutting it very short all in one go could be very traumatic, so we suggest mowing it for the first time at the maximum height of the mower. Then, a few days later, mow a second time at your usual height. This will leave your lawn some time to recover from the shock.

Warning! If you notice that your lawn has gone yellow during your absence, do not panic! It is normal for grass to do this in dry, hot weather. It is simply in a dormant state to try to protect itself against the harsh temperatures. Upon your return, water it thoroughly, always keeping in mind the municipal by-laws. It should get its healthy glow back fairly quickly!

By following these recommendations, your lawn should be having a good time despite your absence. If, however, you notice that your lawn looks really bad when you return, call us! We can help you get your durable and healthy lawn back in no time. Enjoy your vacation!