How to prepare your lawn for winter?

Hello October! It’s already time to prepare your land to do some lawn work before winter comes! Here are 5 steps to follow to protect your healthy lawn and enhance its growth in the spring.

1. Diminish the height of the cut for your last mow

After the first few frosts, your lawn will stop crofting. It is important to mow your lawn for the last time before the first snow fall! If you push it off, you risk not mowing it correctly due to the rain and snow that could alternate the grass and your lawn would be too wet. Be vigilant!

While we recommend you cut your grass at 8 cm tall during summer, it’s preferred to cut it at 5 cm for the last cut. This practice helps your lawn get healthier faster in the next spring and facilitates cleaning when snow melts. Pick up clippings as well for this cut only.

2. Ventilate soil

A lot of people know to air out their lawns in the spring, but not many know that it’s also a great time to do it in the fall.

Every other year, during fall, or when you can easily enter the point of a pencil in the ground, it is recommended to air out your lawn by practicing core aeration. This method is done with a special machine that removes little “cores” from the ground, this leaves several holes. This aeration facilitates water penetration as well as minerals towards roots and oxygen infiltration during the cold period.

3. Fertilizer

It is highly recommended to fertilize your healthy lawn one last time before winter. The fertilization in fall is very important to allow your lawn to store energy to get through winter and get going easily in the spring. It is one of the secrets to find your durable and healthier lawn in the spring!

4. Pick up dead leaves

If there is a large quantity of dead leaves on your land, pick them up, but definitely do not throw them out! Instead of putting them in the trash, place them under your bushes and perennials. It’ll serve as mulch and will help protect roots during the frost and defrosting cycle.

If you do not want to keep any on your land, you can cut them up with the help of your mower, without the bag. The residue of the dead leaves will provide nutrients during summer for your lawn.

5. Use a winter protecting cover

Winter protecting covers are amazing! Not only do they facilitate spring clean up, they also protect your lawns greatly from materials left behind from plows. Their technology allows air to get through along with water and nutrients but prevents debris from damaging your lawn. Try them with our new Snow Pro service.

Now that you know these 5 tips, you are ready to prepare your lawn for winter!

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