Why is it important to aerate?

Several factors can contribute to compact the soil naturally: a clay soil, a thick layer of felt, rain and irrigation, frequent trampling… This is why it is essential to aerate your soil once a year, either in the spring or in the fall.

Why aerate ?

First of all, aerating your lawn allows the soil to be decompacted, thus facilitating the circulation of air, water and minerals in the soil. This technique not only allows for better absorption of nutrients, but also helps maximize the results of your fertilization program.

How do you know when it’s time to aerate your lawn?

Just do the pencil test: If a pencil doesn’t fit into the soil, it’s time to aerate.

4 good reasons to aerate your lawn

  1. Decompact the soil
  2. Reduce thatch build-up
  3. Allow for better rooting
  4. Promote the absorption of nutrients

To aerate your lawn, Nutrite Experts use a specially designed aerator to remove small cores of soil in the ground. This is why aeration is also called coring. If you are planning to topdress your lawn this year as well, be aware that aerating your lawn is an important step to consider before topdressing.

In any case, don’t hesitate to ask your Nutrite Expert for help to give an extra boost to your lawn. Consult the list of our PLUS Services.  It will be our pleasure to help beautify your green spaces and to become your ally for a durable and healthy lawn.